Properties of soil including density and porosity environmental sciences essay

Organic matter is widely considered to be the single most important indicator of soil fertility and productivity Rowell, Such regions are characterized by low precipitation, the majority of which is transferred to the atmosphere from the soil and vegetation as evapotranspiration ET.

Avoid rototilling, plowing and other forms of mechanical soil disturbance. There are also non-clay minerals such as quartz and calcite which are derived from weathering of igneous rocks, Van der Merwe et al. The existence of kaolinite as the secondary mineral may have implications with regards to the agricultural potential of the land mainly because of its low CEC, Ekosse et al.

Soluble salts are not leached from these soils, and in some cases they build up to levels that curtail plant [] and microbial growth.

Compacted soil requires more frequent applications of irrigation and fertilizer to sustain plant growth, which can increase runoff and nutrient levels in runoff Gregory et al.

An excess of K can create a deficiency of Ca or the reverse can occur.

Physical, Chemical And Biological Properties Of Soil

Sandy soils absorb and lose heat more quickly than fine-textured soils because the latter retain more water than the specific heat of water is four to five times more than that of soil particles. Plant root exudates include a variety of soluble substances such as organic acids that may influence metal dynamics via their effect on acidification, chelation and complexation, precipitation, redox reactions, microbial activity, rhizosphere physical properties, and root morphology Bolan et al.

The particles and pore spaces in clay are small and hence drainage is very slow. These factors have important Does it leave an impression on the reader?

In contrast with other silicate groups, kaolinite exhibits less plasticity, stickiness, cohesion, shrinkage or swelling Brady and Weil, Clay is seldom moved by wind as it forms stable aggregates.

Both are poor for plant growth from which loam texture is best. The presence of these ions in the moisture-filled soil pores will enhance soil EC in the same way that salinity does. It is a mixture in which no one of the three grades sand, silt and clay dominates over the other two.

The various groups of soil organisms do not live independently of each other, but form an interlocked system more or less in equilibrium with the environment Brady and Weil, These soil physico-chemical properties are classified as being physical, chemical and biological, which greatly influence soil fertility Ramaru et al.

The Physical Soil Properties

Cation exchange is by far the most common, and is necessary for soil fertility Landon, Body Paragraph Does each body paragraph have a clear topic sentence that is related to the main idea of the essay? In contrast, grasses are the dominant native vegetation in subhumid and semiarid regions, while shrubs and brush of various kinds dominate in arid areas.

Good natural or improved soil fertility is essential for successful cropping Fullen and Catt,and it is the foundation on which all input-based high-production systems can be built. Physical soil properties i Soil texture Soil texture refers to the relative proportions of the various size groups of individual particles or grains in a soil Rowell, For example, smectite clays are versatile and strong cationic exchangers and their presence can greatly influence the mobility of potentially toxic elements.

Clay and organic matter are the main sources of CEC Peinemann et al.

It is highest in montmorillonite clay, lowest in heavily weathered kaolinite clay and slightly higher in the less weathered illite clay Peinemann et al. Highly weathered soils are considered to be more fertile and are dominated by shrinking and swelling clays, than less weathered soils such as luvisols.

Soil Physics

Water content, dry soil is much lower in conductivity than moist soil. Under poor climatic conditions, a hard parent material may require hundreds of years to develop into soil. Acidification can affect the solubility and speciation of metal ions by 1 modification of surface charge in variable charge soils, 2 altering the speciation of metals, and 3 influencing the redox reactions of the metals Adriano, Regulatory Framework And Ipo Underpricing Finance Essay, Properties Of Soil Including Density And Porosity Environmental Sciences Essay Types And Development Of Norwegian Banks Finance Essay The Novel Big Sur Essay.

Total soil clods porosity was higher on the mound than in control areas, particularly in the m layer, and mound soil exhibited a high shrinking/swelling capacity. AWC max of the m soil layer was substantially higher on the termite mound ( mm) than in the surroundings (84 mm).

Soil texture is arguably the single most important physical property of the soil in terms of soil fertility, because it influences several other soil properties including density, porosity, water and nutrient retention, rate of organic matter decomposition, infiltration and cation exchange capacity (Møberg et.

Essay on Soil: Meaning, Composition and Layers

Further, any instance where a tool is inserted into the soil there is an increase in bulk density, a decrease in soil porosity; compaction. Not only is compaction the most widespread soil symptom of human use, it is extensive in the number of other soil properties it affects.

Chemical Properties of soil include soil water, chemical composition, soil colloids, and humus and soil air.

Soil Porosity

A soil's chemical composition can be tested only in a laboratory. Some tests for specific purposes, however such as checking acidity. Unlike soil texture and many soil chemical properties (EC, exchangeable cations, CEC, pH, nutrients etc) where careful sampling is the only major obstacle to otherwise reliable laboratory assessment, the measurements of these soil physical properties are not simple matters and generally require time, equipment and expertise.

Properties of soil including density and porosity environmental sciences essay
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