Urbanization problems and solutions

In present global atmosphere, all nations undergo with the challenges of environment, social, transportation, economy in their respective cities.

This situation has attracted more people from rural areas to migrate and live in the city in order to get a job to improve their lives and eventually leads to many urbanization issues. Although various types of public transportation are provided in the cities, more urban community still preferred to drive private vehicles.

It is general perception that living standard of urban area is superior as compared to village areas. Therefore, as populations move to more developed areas towns and cities the immediate outcome is urbanization. This is due to the ineffective public transportation. These may be separated into five primary characteristics referring to primary changes in the organization of society and five secondary features indicative of the presence of the primary factors Childe, Most people from rural or undeveloped areas always have the urge of migrating into the city that normally leads to congestion of people within a small area.

The fast speed of urbanization is major challenges which need every party to be more focused in undertaking each and every responsibility in urban development.

Medical health clinics oriented towards family planning options must be made accessible across the entire urban area with the objective of controlling diseases and population growth.

In order to triumph over urbanization issues and problems, Khosh-Chashm recommended that the society should work together closely with the authorities to assist in modernizing life in urban area.

Additionally, although urban incomes are higher than the rural incomes, they are awfully low because of high cost of living in urban areas.

These situations have contributed to various urbanization issues such as environmental pollution, traffic congestion, depletion of green areas and degradation in the quality of urban living. Decline in quality of living for urban dwellers Urbanization has contributed to the declining in quality of living for urban dwellers.

Regional planning with city planning, 3. Availability of public facilities In addition to proper infrastructure and utilities, the cities also offered better public facilities which are not found in rural areas.

Instead, the government should revise the urban development process in order to achieve a developed city and at the same time reduce the possibility of problems that might arise.

Huge immigration from rural areas as well as from small towns into large cities has occurred almost consistently and as a result the size of the city is increased.

Likewise, Gooden argued urbanization as the immigration of people in huge numbers from rural to urban areas and this process happen due to the concentration of resources and facilities in towns and cities.

What are the Solution of Urban Problems

Regional planning with city planning: Urbanization is major concern for management researchers because it decline in quality of living for urban inhabitants. Growth of private sector.

Population control Key stakeholders in urban areas must provide campaigns and counseling for effective medical health clinics and family planning to help reduce the high rates of population growth.

The distribution of goods and services and commercial transactions in the modern era has developed modern marketing institutions and exchange methods that have tremendously given rise to the growth of towns and cities.

For instance, the local authorities may come out with a list of policies for the city planning, while the other stakeholders should participate in giving their opinion as well as assist the local authorities in the decision making process.

Government should provide funds to encourage entrepreneurship and also find solution for pollution in the nation. With traffic blockage, almost all cities and towns of India are suffering from severe form of transport problem.

What are the Solution of Urban Problems

As the nation moving towards the vision to become a developed country by yearthere are several issues and problems which also come along together with the rapid development. Shop What is Urbanization? It is needed to control traffic congestion in urban region and people must be encouraged to use public transport.

Afterwards during the decadeanother a million persons migrated to urban areas in response to period of war industrialisation and division of the country in Urbanization began during the industrial revolution, when workers moved towards manufacturing hubs in cities to obtain jobs in factories as agricultural jobs became less common Materialism, u.

Currently, cities are taking on roles that expand far beyond the conventional provision of infrastructure and services. The rapid urbanization which has been took place since independence has led to a massive migration of people from rural villages to urban and newly growth areas Zaid Ahmad, Nobaya Ahmad and Haslinda Abdullah, In urban areas, people also embrace changes in the modes of living namely residential habits, attitudes, dressing, food, and beliefs.

Wastes putrefy in the open inviting disease carrying flies and rats and a filthy, poisonous liquid, called leachate, which leaks out from below and contaminates ground water. Urban can also be explained as a fairly multifaceted concept.Half of the global population already lives in cities, and by two-thirds of the world's people are expected to live in urban areas.

But in cities two of the most pressing problems facing the. Urban Threats Urbanization spurs a unique set of issues to both humans and animals.

Urbanization, Their Problems and Their Remedies

The promise of jobs and prosperity, among other factors, pulls people to cities. With reference to examples, assess the degree the economic development of a country affects planning and management in urban areas (40) The planning and management of urban areas covers several different issues present in all areas such as waste, sustainability and transport.

Systematic development of urban centers and creation of job opportunities: One important solution of our-urban problems is the systematic development of the fast growing urban cities and planning an investment programme which could give rise to a large number of well distributed visible urban centers throughout the country.

The problems create several issues in urban areas. On the other hand, the concept of sustainable development means that the economy continues to grow while preserving the environment.

In this essay I would like to discuss why the current urbanization problems can be solved by the policy of sustainable development.

What is Urbanization?

The six solution of urban problems are: 1. Systematic development of urban centers and creation of job opportunities, 2. Regional planning with city planning, 3. Encouraging industries to move to backward area, 4. Municipalities to find own financial resources, 5. Amendment of Rent Control Act, 6.

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Urbanization problems and solutions
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